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  • I burst out laughing….

    I burst out laughing….

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    In Central Valley, California, wells have gone dry, orchards have been left to perish, and those who came to California to work the fields stand idle. Take a look at this video documenting the severe drought.

    I’m worrying the earth will become a critical environment like Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Interstellar’. We will confront the critical shortage of food, water, natural resources in the near future.


    Yesterday I had one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time at @nuturedbynatureotters, just outside San Diego, where I played with many strange beasties and swam with Asian otters, who love playing with humans. This is something anyone can do, so I strongly suggest you check it out. The fact I did it with some of my favorite people in the world makes it even more awesome. For those of you who like the photos and videos of animals, there are plenty more coming.


    Watch Sarah Polley and Greta Gerwig discuss Frances Ha for Criterion.

    'Frances Ha' is screened now in Japan. In Japan, this lovable film in praise of life itself is very popular among people with a wide range of age.

    Love yourself just the way you are.

    What you should love is yourself rather than your life.




    EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: Check out a Textbook from your Library & RECord yourself answering the following questions about Pearl Harbor:

    1. According to your Textbook, what was the pre-war relationship like between The United States & Japan? How did their conflict escalate into the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
    2. How does your Textbook describe the bombing. Was it a surprise attack? Or was it a miscommunication?
    3. Why do you think your Textbook presents Pearl Harbor in this way?

    So sorry, I’m a Japanese. I cannot answer these questions, but I have something I’d like to say.

    We have made huge mistakes during World War 2. I think that we had not to start a war no matter what reason we had. We have not had an enough diplomatic skill in those days and even now we’re going to fail in the diplomatic negotiations. In old days and nowadays, failure in the diplomatic negotiations means “war”.

    When once war begins, we cannot stop it, therefore we forever renounced war after World War 2. War brings a new hatred, revenge, sorrow, pain, anger to us again and again. If we are defeated in a battle, our children’s generation will be forced to fight. After all, the negative chain of war continues forever.

    My dear friends in America, the negative chain of terrorism also never stops. War named terrorism has already begun.


    Have you ever had an Inspirational Teacher? Share your stories with us for our episode RE: School! CONTRIBUTE HERE




    EVERYONE: RECord a Video Testimonial of yourself talking about an Inspirational Teacher who has made an impact on your life.

    For over 25 years, the Australian Childhood Foundation has been helping children recover from abuse, neglect, and family violence, but they can’t do it alone. So please, join me, and together we can try to help ensure not another child has to suffer.


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    I may delete my Facebook account. Everything about SNS frustrates me. I haven’t checked my TL of any kind of “SNS” recently.

    SNS may be no more a tool to communicate. Full of false information or offensive remarks to defame someone who is made the scapegoat for bloodthirsty citizen. SNS gave me only despair.

    Really tired.


    Judi Dench - Send in the Clowns (studio recording 1995)

    [ Karin says : ]     Remembering her performance of this song at NTL Live 50 Years, I was in the mood for it today, luckily discovering a studio version from the original run of ’ A Little Night Music ’ at the National Theatre back in 1995.

    Thanks for this post.