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    What’s your favorite poster this month?

    We look at the best and worst, plus why Gone Girl is more than meets the eye.

    I really want to watch all movies. My favorite poster design is ‘Whiplash’.


    Another Otter I played with at Nurtured by Nature.




    FILMMAKERS: Make 15 - 30 short films based on Dark Thoughts. Please include these elements:

    • A Voice Over performance reading one of the Dark Thoughts contributions
    • Footage of 1 or more actors performing a mundane task
    • Melancholy background music
    • Subtitles that follow the narration of the Voice Over performance

    looks interesting…


    ScreenCaps and Sarah Gadon Interview -

    Captivating beauties.

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    at Irish Premiere in aid of St. Francis Hospice,Raheny Source:

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    It’s the worst human rights abuse in the world: 160 Million girls have disappeared from the face of the earth because they were murdered at birth by their parents, when they found out that their fetus is a girl. …

    In our own country… one of the worst places for sexual abuse is on college campuses. The finest universities in America are a place where girls are regularly abused. Quite often their rapist is a serial rapist who know if they go to a college campus they will not be revealed, charged, or prosecuted…

    The same thing is happening in the US Military….

    If this is happening in two of America’s most revered institutions - can you imagine how much worst it is in other countries?