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  • ….When I read “Japan bashing” replies to Mr. Mark Gatiss’ Twitter account, I really really felt tired. ‘Even now tons of people want to attack fucking Japanese people!’, Japan haters want to say that. ….Ok, I understand very well. All human beings hate us. Right, right, it’s true. I’ve already known.

    But I beg all haters, please don’t kill my children. You can kill me anytime, anywhere, if you want. I’m not afraid of death. But don’t hurt children, please.

    The frightened, angry, sorrowful and pitiful people are everywhere. They hate everyone, everything and even themselves all the time. When I was young, I also was desperately offensive to everything. I didn’t believe anyone, I broke everything and I had no hope for my future. I was satisfied with my own hatred for a little while. But soon after that, I became mad with regret more than used to be. …A life like that never functions.

    Nothing grows from hatred. Haters only destroy everything. So, haters are empty. …I feel sorry for them from my heart.

    And I really worry about Mr. Gatiss has been offended by ugly words. I must apologize to him for negativities.



    The Avengers as a 70s cop show

    I’d watch this show.


    Three years before he made Citizen Kane, Orson Welles created a film that was thought to be lost forever.

    Recently discovered, it’s now been restored and available to watch in full.

    Finally, ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ will arrive in Japan on 6th Sep, 2014. It will take a lot of time to go around the world before arriving here.

    The title ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ changes into ‘The Muppets 2: The World Tour’ in Japan. Please don’t ask me about this bizarre change.

    Anyway, we can see the big adventure of Muppets. Happy.

    Japanese official site: http://ugc.disney.co.jp/blog/movie/category/muppets2


    When I saw the film ‘Crash’ directed by David Cronenberg, adapted from the novel of J.G. Ballard, I was very shocked by the Ballard’s world. His inner world has a high affinity with Cronenberg and undoubtedly his novels have enormously high levels about describing the truth of human nature. Honestly to say, I believed that Ballard was truly genius, but might be insaner than Cronenberg.

    His novels tell us the human instinct in the extreme situation. His future is always hopeless, sorrowful, but paradoxically beautiful. Every time I read his novels, I can’t help but be fascinated with the beauty comes from extreme chaos. One and only beauty which he exposes to us in his novel exists in the madness that scares all good citizens.

    my article (‘Crash’).

    Long long ago, I’ve read J.G. Ballard’s “technological trilogy” - ‘Concrete Island’, ‘Crash’ & ‘High-Rise’. I’m going to read them again.

    Looking forward to Ben Wheatley’s version ‘High-Rise’! Very much excited to watch his film ‘Sightseers’. Hold on, Tom.

    Literally the only ALS Ice Bucket Challenge you need to see. It’s not at all like the rest. (via @Upworthy)

    Please just keep watching this vid till the end. The most important message is there.